What Colleagues Say About Me

What’s one thing you’d like to thank Gabriel for?

Gabriel has been extremely supportive of my personal development and has helped me with realizing my goals. I would like to thank him for empowering me and for having my back! – Sarosh Aga (Direct report)

For being an awesome lead and always having my back. He always makes sure my concerns and suggestions are heard. – Nejc Lovrenčič (Direct report)

Gabriel trusted me enough to put me to work on projects that I had no idea about, and then helped me learn things that I needed to learn. I not only finished them successfully, but also came out wiser in the end knowing new stuffs. – Ahmed S. Wasif (Former direct report)

I’d like to thank Gabriel for the amazing conversations and honesty. We’ve been chatting since my trial and have had many insightful 1:1s in almost every configuration. – Brandon Skinner (Direct Report and manager)

What’s one thing that Gabriel does really well?

Among the many things that Gabriel excels as a lead, one that comes to mind is the way Gabriel delegates. There is thought and purpose behind every delegation and the team benefits from it greatly! – Sarosh Aga (Direct report)

He’s a great listener and a great mentor, but it’s hard to pick just one thing. – Nejc Lovrenčič (Direct report)

Gabriel is a leader who knows when to support you and when to push you. You will be on the edge but won’t fall. You won’t get comfortable with your work, but you won’t be stressed either. This is a very delicate combination that helps you grow, and he maintains this combination very well. – Ahmed S. Wasif (Direct report)

Gabriel really uses sponsorship as an effective growth tool for members on his team. The way Gabriel assigns project leads, onboarding mentors, and generally puts his team in the spotlight and empowers them to have ownership is really amazing. – Brandon Skinner (Direct Report and manager)

What impact has Gabriel had on you personally?

Gabriel has encouraged me to broaden my horizon for my personal growth. Also, with his guidance I am learning a lot about what it means to be a lead! – Sarosh Aga (Direct report)

He showed me what being a lead is really about. When I joined Automattic, all I wanted is to go back to being an IC, but because of him, I am now reconsidering becoming a team lead again in the future. I feel I improved a lot as a developer and as a person since I joined his team! – Nejc Lovrenčič (Direct report)

Now I think of leadership roles a bit differently than I used to. – Ahmed S. Wasif (Direct report)

Gabriel was one of the people who solidified my decision to accept the offer to work at Automattic. Getting to know Gabriel, Nick D, and Mo a little bit through the hiring process is what ultimately made me decide to take the leap. – Brandon Skinner (Direct Report and manager)

What’s your favorite memory with Gabriel?

My onboarding into the team ❤️ – Sarosh Aga (Direct report)

I don’t have a specific favourite memory with Gabriel. We’ve had many memorable and interesting conversations, but no one event stands out among the rest. Unfortunately, since meetups have been a no-go and our last meetup got cancelled due to covid, we haven’t had a chance to meet in-person yet. I’m sure that will be memorable.- Brandon Skinner (Direct Report and manager)