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    Management is not a game of perfect

    After months of failed attempts, my best man eventually convinced me to start playing golf. It is a game for old men, I thought. In my mid-forties, I am not that young anymore.It is a game for rich men, I thought. Not more expensive than many other things we do.It is hard to learn how to play, I thought. Damn right I was! When I started to handle those clubs trying to hit the ball, I soon realized there was much I could learn from the game; a parallel between golf and my job immediately formed in my mind. Let me try to quickly summarize some aspects of this equivalence;…

  • Management

    What is a manager’s top attribute?

    It was a warm Italian night as I sat on a terrace with a friend, sipping a good glass of tasty white wine. A friend’s friend joined us, we introduced ourselves and I learned he was a manager in tech, just like me. After a few minutes of talking about our experiences, he shot me a sharp question: What is the most important attribute of a successful manager? I had never thought about it before, so I was surprised when I saw my uncertainty last less than 5 seconds. My guts took control of my brain and spoke for me. Self-Confidence – I said. “Now I have to articulate the…

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