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    Make Meetings Productive

    One thing I have learned very soon in my career is: meetings must be useful for all the participants. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… I have vivid memories of managers of mine looking very busy, always telling people they had a meeting in a few minutes. Sometimes it was true, while some other times they just wanted to dismiss whoever stepped into our office, but the effect they obtained was, either way, powerful: people believed they were really busy, with much more important things to do than listen to their colleagues.And those managers felt powerful: they could wear cool suits and ties and meet important…

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    Know Yourself AKA You are not Perfect

    In my previous article, I wrote about a vital aspect of leadership: knowing the individuals forming the team, in order to help them discover and express their potential, and make the team efficient. Now that you know your team, the next question is: how well do you know yourself? And can you identify your own strengths and weaknesses? And more importantly, once you have figured out your weaknesses, are you able to stop hiding them? The Myth of the Flawless Leader I have seen this around, a lot: people pretending to always have the answer to everything.Some people even take the practice to the next level. Let me tell you a story A…