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Help your team grow – and you will grow with them

I love leading a team to success and helping individual team members attain their successes, which may come in many different professional and personal forms.

What’s in it for the lead?

Making other people shine does not mean leads are not going to get anything out of it.
They may not be the rock stars on the show; I like to think of them more like bass guitar players: you will notice their absence if they are not there, connecting rhythm and melody and making the band sound much better. Call it the bias of a wannabe-bass guitarist.

So it’s all about playing at the back of the stage? Of course not.

How do we make our team members blossom into their full-potential version of themselves?

Amongst other things, we need to identify our team members’ strengths and the areas where they can improve. This task requires empathy, constant communication and lots of observation and listening.

Sometimes team members do not even know, or are unsure what their skills are, the potential they are carrying, or what is currently limiting or preventing them from reaching their goals.
What are their biggest wobbles? Is it empathy? Is it authenticity? Is it logic?

I encourage you to do yourself a favour, and if you have not already, read this awesome book, if you want to learn more about the Triangle of Trust, wobbles, and all.

Not every team member may feel safe sharing this type of informations or their feelings, but we can spark a conversation, let them do the homework, and be there whenever they want to talk about it.

Our leadership direction and presence will help our Automatticians figure out their wobbles, either by helping them to be more self-aware, planting the seed or encouraging and supporting new areas of professional development to be explored. As individuals develop, it is also important as a leader to help individual adjust or pivot their aspirations and goals are needed.

…And that’s exactly where leads grow.

All the work we put into making our team members realise what the best version of themselves is will help us figure out our strengths and weaknesses, as if we were looking into a mirror.

We will be then able to tell whether our wobbles are on empathy, authenticity, or logic, and we will grow as humans and leads positively along the way.

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